▪ opening chapter of the Qurʾān
also called  Fātiḥat Al-kitāb,  

      the “opening” or first chapter (sūrah) of the Muslim book of divine revelation, the Qurʾān; in tone and usage it has often been likened to the Christian Lord's Prayer. In contrast to the other sūrahs, which are usually narratives or exhortations delivered by God, the seven verses of the fātiḥah form a short devotional prayer addressed to God, and in oral recitation are ended with the word amīn (“amen”). The fātiḥah has acquired broad ceremonial usage in Islām: it introduces each ritual bowing (rakʿah) in the five daily prayers (alāt); it is recited at all Muslim sanctuaries; validates important resolutions; appears frequently on amulets, and is recited for the dead.

      In North Africa, fātiḥah (or fatah) designates a prayer performed silently with arms outstretched, palms turned upward. The first sūrah is not necessarily recited but was probably once part of the ceremony.

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