Farman, Maurice

Farman, Maurice

▪ French aviator and aircraft designer

born March 21, 1877, Paris
died Feb. 25, 1964, Paris
 French aircraft designer and manufacturer who contributed greatly to early aviation.

      A champion bicyclist, he also distinguished himself as an automobile racing driver. With his brother Henri, Maurice made the first circular flight of more than one kilometre in 1908, completing a 1.6-kilometre (one-mile) flight near Paris. The following year he built his first airplane. His early craft were modifications of the Voisin biplane. The most successful was the Longhorn, first built in 1912. By the beginning of World War I, it was one of the standard trainers in France and Great Britain.

      In 1911 Maurice made pioneering experiments in aerial radiotelephony. The following year the Farman brothers pooled their manufacturing resources, although they still designed their planes individually. Their company prospered during World War I, and in 1917 they introduced the “Goliath,” the first long-distance passenger plane, which from 1919 made regular flights between Paris and London, greatly stimulating commercial aviation in France and the rest of Europe.

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