Fante confederacy

Fante confederacy

▪ African history [late 17th century-1824]
Fante also spelled  Fanti  

      historical group of states in what is now southern Ghana. It originated in the late 17th century when Fante people from overpopulated Mankessim, northeast of Cape Coast, settled vacant areas nearby. The resulting Fante kingdoms formed a confederacy headed by a high king (the brafo) and a high priest. It extended from the Pra River in the west to the Ga region (centred on Accra) in the east. To the south was the Atlantic coast, dotted with Dutch and British trading forts; to the north was the expanding Asante empire. The Fante, as intermediaries in Asante-European trade, debased Asante gold before selling it to the British and Dutch and controlled the flow of European firearms to the Asante.

      After decades of hostility, the Asante king Osei Bonsu conquered the Fante confederacy (1806–24) and gained direct access to the coast. After his death Asante power declined, and in 1831 the British administrator of Cape Coast, George Maclean (Maclean, George), negotiated a treaty providing for Fante independence and Asante use of trade routes to the coast. Britain thereupon extended an informal protectorate over the south.

      Resistance crystallized in the 1860s, after the British and the Dutch agreed to an exchange of forts (1867) without consulting any African rulers. The kings of the Fante kingdoms, Denkyera, and other southern states met at Mankessim early in 1868 to establish a self-governing state free of European domination. The new Fante Confederation had an executive council, a judiciary, an army, taxes, and a written constitution. Although short-lived, it was strong enough to discourage the Dutch, who abandoned the coast. The British successfully exploited rivalries among members of the confederation, and it disbanded in 1873. The next year Britain annexed the whole region south of the Asante empire as the Gold Coast crown colony.

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