Eureka Stockade

Eureka Stockade

▪ Australian history
      (Dec. 3, 1854), the most celebrated rebellion in Australian history. It involved the gold prospectors of Ballarat, Victoria, and was named for the rebels' hastily constructed fortification in the Eureka goldfield.

      The rebellion was the culmination of long-standing grievances on the part of the miners, or “diggers,” over exorbitant prospecting-license fees, brutal police procedures for collecting those fees, lack of the vote, and lack of representation in the Legislative Council. While Charles J. La Trobe, the lieutenant governor of Victoria who had introduced the license fee in 1851, pressed the Legislative Council for reform on these issues, the diggers underwent increased harassment by the police and responded with greater militancy. The murder of a digger named James Scobie in October 1854 and the acquittal of his alleged killers by a government board of inquiry further inflamed the situation. Demonstrations and clashes with the police followed. On November 11 the diggers formed the Ballarat Reform League to petition the new lieutenant governor Charles Hotham for redress of their grievances. Although Hotham's response was promising, the arrival of troop reinforcements on November 28 led to further clashes.

      On November 30 many of the diggers organized themselves into military companies and elected Peter Lalor (Lalor, Peter), one of the Reform League's representatives, as their commander in chief. Work then began on the stockade. Troops and police surrounded the 150 diggers who were within the structure on December 3. After refusing to come out, the diggers opened fire on the government forces. The ensuing battle lasted for 15 minutes and ended with the rout of the diggers. Although there is some uncertainty concerning the death toll, it is generally believed that 22 diggers and 5 troopers were killed. Lalor escaped and remained in hiding until amnesty was declared. None of the rebels accused of treason was convicted. The Eureka Stockade rising accelerated the enactment of reforms, which followed in 1855.

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