Epirus, despotate of

Epirus, despotate of

▪ Byzantine principality, Europe
Epirus also spelled  Epiros 

      (1204–1337), Byzantine principality in the Balkans that was a centre of resistance for Byzantine Greeks during the western European occupation of Constantinople (1204–61).

      The despotate was founded in what is now southern Albania and northwestern Greece by Michael Comnenus Ducas, a member of the dethroned Byzantine imperial house. His half brother and successor, Theodore Ducas, extended his rule eastward to Thessalonica (Thessaloníki), Greece, in 1224 and claimed the title of Byzantine emperor.

      Theodore's rivals, John III Vatatzes (John III Ducas Vatatzes), emperor of Nicaea (now İznik, Turkey), and John Asen II of Bulgaria, attacked him from the east and north; John Asen II defeated and captured Theodore in 1230 at the Battle of Klokotnitsa (now in Bulgaria).

      Under Michael II (reigned 1236–71), Epirus was greatly reduced, and in 1264 Michael was forced to recognize the suzerainty of Michael VIII Palaeologus, who had expelled the Latins from Constantinople and restored the Byzantine Empire. For a very short time, it remained independent and was later ruled by Halias and Serbs.

      In the 13th century Epirus promoted a revival of Classical studies that contributed to the development of Renaissance Italy. The principality was reannexed to the Byzantine Empire in 1337.

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