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      philosophical and theological theory that sees all of creation as an unwilled, necessary, and spontaneous outflow of contingent beings of descending perfection—from an infinite, undiminished, unchanged primary substance. Typically, light is used as an analogy: it communicates itself continually, remains unchanged, and shares its brightness in proportion to the nearness of its object. Emanationism precludes creation out of nothingness. Some scholars classify emanationism with pantheism despite their dissimilarities; however, emanationism does not hold that God is immanent in the finite world.

      Hints of this doctrine occur in the first two centuries AD in the writings of Philo, a Hellenistic Jewish philosopher, and of Basilides and Valentinus, both founders of Gnostic schools (stressing esoteric knowledge); but its classic formulation is found in Neoplatonists such as Plotinus and Proclus. It played a prominent role in Gnostic religion. Early Christian writers modified the concept to explain the Trinity of divine Persons. The Jewish Kabbala, a system of mysticism, theosophy, and miracle working, explicates the doctrine; and logicians of the 16th and 17th centuries also employed it. After Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, however, the doctrine lost adherents; and today it has been displaced by theories of evolution.

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