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  • Loneliness — is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is more than the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off,… …   Wikipedia

  • Loneliness — Lone li*ness, n. 1. The condition of being lonely; solitude; seclusion. [1913 Webster] 2. The state of being unfrequented by human beings; as, the loneliness of a road. [1913 Webster] 3. Love of retirement; disposition to solitude. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • loneliness — 1580s, from LONELY (Cf. lonely) + NESS (Cf. ness) …   Etymology dictionary

  • loneliness — [n] isolation alienation, aloneness, desolation, forlornness, friendlessness, heartache, lonesomeness, remoteness, seclusion, solitariness, solitude, withdrawal; concepts 135,188,388,631 …   New thesaurus

  • loneliness — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ aching, desperate, great, intense, terrible, utter ▪ personal VERB + LONELINESS ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • loneliness — [[t]lo͟ʊnlinəs[/t]] N UNCOUNT Loneliness is the unhappiness that is felt by someone because they do not have any friends or do not have anyone to talk to. I have so many friends, but deep down, underneath, I have a fear of loneliness …   English dictionary

  • loneliness — noun 1) his loneliness was unbearable Syn: isolation, friendlessness, abandonment, rejection; N.Amer. lonesomeness 2) the enforced loneliness of a prison cell Syn: solitariness, solitude, aloneness, separation, seclusion …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • loneliness — lonely ► ADJECTIVE (lonelier, loneliest) 1) sad because one has no friends or company. 2) solitary. 3) unfrequented and remote. DERIVATIVES loneliness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • loneliness — noun see lonely …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • loneliness — noun /ˈloʊnlinəs/ a) An emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. b) an instance of being lonely See Also: solitude …   Wiktionary

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