Dolgoruky family

Dolgoruky family

▪ Russian family
Dolgoruky also spelled  Dolgorukov 

      Russian princely family who claimed descent from Rurik, the semilegendary founder of the first Russian state. The Dolgorukys produced well-known statesmen, military leaders, and men of letters.

      Yury Alekseyevich Dolgoruky (d. 1682) was a high-ranking nobleman and military commander who achieved a number of victories in the Russo-Polish War of 1654–57. In 1676 he was appointed guardian of the child tsar Fyodor Alekseyevich; he was killed during the Moscow Uprising of 1682. Yakov Fyodorovich Dolgoruky (1639–1720), a close associate of Peter I the Great, served in the military and was held prisoner in Sweden for 10 years. After returning to Russia (1711), he became a senator and was appointed president of the Auditing Collegium. Grigory Fyodorovich Dolgoruky (1656–1723) was ambassador to Poland (1701–21) and helped conclude a treaty of alliance with Poland (1701) and the Narva Alliance (1704).

      Vasily Vladimirovich Dolgoruky (Dolgoruky, Vasily Vladimirovich, Knyaz) became a high-ranking military officer and served on the Supreme Privy Council. His distant cousin, the diplomat Vasily Lukich Dolgoruky (Dolgoruky, Vasily Lukich, Knyaz), also served on the Supreme Privy Council.

      Yury Vladimirovich Dolgoruky (1740–1830), a memoirist, served in the armies of the field in the Seven Years' War (1756–63) and in two of the Russo-Turkish Wars (1768–74 and 1787–91). Ivan Mikhaylovich Dolgoruky (1764–1823), vice-governor of Penza (1791–97) and governor of Vladimir (1802–12), wrote lyric poetry, comedies, and reminiscences that characterized the culture, the upbringing, and the education of children of the nobility.

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