▪ Egyptian pharaoh
also spelled  Zoser 

      second king of the 3rd dynasty (Egypt, ancient) (c. 2650–c. 2575 BCE) of ancient Egypt (Egypt, ancient), who undertook the construction of the earliest important stone building in Egypt. His reign, which probably lasted 19 years, was marked by great technological innovation in the use of stone architecture. His minister, Imhotep, a talented architect and physician, was himself deified in later periods.

 Djoser probably succeeded his brother to the throne. Through his mother, he was related to the last ruler of the 2nd dynasty (Egypt, ancient) (c. 2775–c. 2650). With the help of Imhotep, the king erected a funerary complex at Ṣaqqārah, outside the royal capital, Memphis (southwest of modern Cairo). Built entirely of stone, the innovative structure was a departure from the traditional use of mud bricks along with stone. The greatest advance, however, was a complete alteration of the shape of the monument from a flat-topped rectangular structure to a six-stepped pyramid. Surrounding the Step Pyramid were a large number of limestone buildings intended to represent shrines used for royal rituals. The style of architecture of these buildings reproduced in minutest detail the wood, reed, and brick forms employed in utilitarian construction in Egypt.

      The pyramid complex was enclosed by a wall with a single entrance at the southeast corner of the precinct. In response to the internal troubles of the 2nd dynasty, Djoser was the first king to reside exclusively at Memphis, thereby helping to make it the political and cultural centre of Old Kingdom (Egypt, ancient) (c. 2575–c. 2130 BCE) Egypt.

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