extinct, giant flightless bird found as fossils in Early Eocene rocks in North America and Europe (the Eocene Epoch lasted from 57.8 to 36.6 million years ago). Diatryma grew to a height of about 2 1/4 metres (7 feet). Its small wings were not used for flight, but its legs were massively constructed; Diatryma was probably a strong and rapid runner. The head was large and supported a powerful beak; Diatryma was an active predator, probably feeding on the small mammals.

      In South America a similarly adapted group is characterized by the unrelated genus Phorusrhacos, common during the Miocene Epoch (between 7,000,000 and 26,000,000 years ago). It was about 1 1/2 metres (5 feet) in height and also had weakly developed wings, strong legs, a large head, and a powerful beak.

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