Deng Yingchao

Deng Yingchao

▪ Chinese politician
Wade-Giles romanization  Teng Ying-ch'ao 
born Feb. 4, 1904, Nanning, Guangxi province, China
died July 11, 1992, Beijing

      Chinese politician, a revolutionary hard-liner who became a high-ranking official of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after the death of her husband, Premier Zhou Enlai, in 1976.

      Deng's involvement in political and social causes began in her youth. She joined the movement to abolish the custom of binding women's feet and took part in the May Fourth Movement (1917–21), a revolution led by young intellectuals that was aimed at preserving Chinese society and culture in the wake of Japanese encroachment. At the age of 15, she joined the Awakening Society, a liberal student movement headed by Zhou, and she was arrested for her radical activities.

      Deng joined the CCP in 1925 and married Zhou the same year. They were forced underground after the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) massacred other communists in Shanghai (1927). Deng and Zhou went to the Jiangxi Soviet in 1932, joining Mao Zedong and his followers on the arduous Long March (1934–35). Deng, who was one of only a handful of women on the 6,000-mile (10,000-km) trek, contracted tuberculosis. After the communist victory in 1949, she was revered as the nation's “elder sister,” and she became a member of the CCP Central Committee (1956). After weathering factional fighting during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76), she was given a seat on the CCP Political Bureau (1978) and later served as head of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (1983–88). Deng remained a party loyalist, advocating the use of military force against the student-led 1989 pro-democracy movement.

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