▪ Persian philosopher
in full  Muḥammad Ibn Jalāl Ad-dīn Dawānī 
born 1427, Dawān, in the Kāzerūn district of Iran
died 1502/03

      jurist and philosopher who was chiefly responsible for maintaining the traditions of Islāmic philosophy in the 15th century.

      Dawānī's family claimed descent from Abū Bakr (the first caliph of Islām). He received a traditional Islāmic education, first at Dawān, where he studied with his father, who was a qāḍī (judge), and later in Shīrāz. During his career he held judicial and teaching appointments. His most important judicial appointment was as the qāḍī for the Fars province. He was also at various times the principal of a theological college in Shīrāz. He wrote about 75 philosophical works, which are of two kinds: commentaries on the philosophy of Suhrawardī al-Maqtūl (Suhrawardī, as-), founder of the illuminationist school; and ethics and moral philosophy, including a revision of the ethical doctrines of Naṣīr ad-Dīn aṭ-Ṭūsī, the 13th-century Persian philosopher and mathematician. Akhlāq-i Jalālī (The Practical Philosophy of the Mohammadan People, 1839) is an account of what a just ruler should or should not do. It describes the various components of an ideal society and how that society should be administered.

      Dawānī also attempted to demonstrate that there need be no conflict between the mystical and philosophical views of the world, that they could coexist but that, because a mystic reaches his conclusions through faith based on divine grace, he is superior to a philosopher, who is motivated by human knowledge and possibly doubt. After his death Dawānī was taken to his native village of Dawān for burial.

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