Darius II Ochus

Darius II Ochus

▪ king of Persia

died 404 BC, Babylon [now in Iraq]

      Achaemenid king (reigned 423–404 BC) of Persia.

      The son of Artaxerxes I by a Babylonian concubine, he seized the throne from his half brother Secydianus (or Sogdianus), whom he then executed. Ochus, who had previously been satrap of Hyrcania, adopted the name of Darius on his accession; he was also known as Nothus (Bastard). Darius was dominated by eunuchs and by his half sister and wife, the cruel and ambitious Parysatis. Intrigue and corruption were rife at the Achaemenid court, and revolts in Hyrcania and Media, although quickly suppressed, were symptomatic of the discontent caused by his rule.

      After the Athenian defeat at Syracuse in 413 BC, Darius decided to recover the Greek coastal cities of Asia Minor, which had been under Athenian control since 448. The satraps of Asia Minor, Tissaphernes and Pharnabazus, were ordered to collect overdue tribute, and an alliance against Athens was formed with Sparta. In the ensuing war the greater part of Ionia was recovered, but elsewhere the allies had less success, partly because of the policy of Tissaphernes, who gave Spartan forces only limited support. In 407, however, Darius decided to put all his resources behind Sparta. He appointed his son Cyrus The Younger in place of Tissaphernes as commander in chief of Asia Minor and gave him funds to re-create the Spartan fleet. As a result Athenian power was broken in 405 at Aegospotami (Aegospotami, Battle of). Not long after, Darius died of an illness.

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