▪ emperor of Japan
in full  Daigo Tennō , personal name  Atsukimi 
born Feb. 6, 885, Kyōto
died Oct. 23, 930, Kyōto

      60th emperor of Japan. He was unsuccessful in continuing his father's policy of limiting the power of the important Fujiwara family, which dominated the Japanese government from 857 to 1160.

      The son of the emperor Uda, he ascended the throne in 897 and assumed the reign name Daigo; Uda, however, continued to hold power as the retired emperor. Like his father, Daigo attempted to rule without appointing a Fujiwara (Fujiwara Family) to the post of kampaku, or chancellor, the office through which commands could be issued on behalf of the emperor. He kept the post vacant and continued his father's policy of relying on men of lesser noble families, including the famous scholar Sugawara Michizane.

      In 901 Fujiwara Tokihira, the head of the Fujiwara family, managed to have Sugawara exiled. Daigo was thereafter unable to resist the political maneuverings of the Fujiwara, who, after Daigo's death, reoccupied the office of kampaku and retained it, except for one three-year period, until 1160.

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