Cydones, Prochorus

Cydones, Prochorus

▪ Byzantine theologian
also spelled  Prochoros Kydones  
born c. 1330, , Thessalonica, Byzantine Empire
died c. 1369, , Mount Athos

      Eastern Orthodox monk, theologian, and linguist who, by his advocacy of Western Aristotelian thought and his translation of Latin Scholastic writings, based his opposition movement against the leading school of Byzantine mystical theology.

      A priest-monk of the Lavra (monastery) on Mount Athos, Prochorus Cydones collaborated with his brother Demetrius in translating Thomas Aquinas' monumental Summa theologiae (“Compendium of Theology”). Prochorus also made Greek versions of the works of the 5th-century Latin Church Father Augustine of Hippo (North Africa) and of the 6th-century philosopher Boethius, notably his De consolatione philosophiae (“On the Consolation of Philosophy”).

      Prochorus' own treatise, De essentia et operatione Dei (“On the Essence and Activity of God”), vigorously disputed the mystical theology of another Athonite monk, Gregory Palamas (Palamas, Saint Gregory). Cited before the Synod of Constantinople in 1368 by the Palamite patriarch Philotheus Coccinus, the brothers Cydones were charged with heresy; Prochorus was expelled from the priesthood and Palamism received canonical status. It is probable that Prochorus followed Demetrius in making a profession of faith in the Latin church. The chief source for Prochorus' life is a pair of polemical addresses by Demetrius, eulogizing his brother and denouncing Patriarch Philotheus.

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