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 songbird family, of the order Passeriformes, that includes crows, jays, and magpies. The 100 species occur throughout the world; most are nonmigratory. Corvids are strongly built, stout-billed birds 23–71 cm (9–28 inches) long, some being the largest passerines. They have plain, often glossy plumage that may be monochromatic or contrastingly patterned. The sexes look alike. Corvids have harsh, loud voices, and most are gregarious at times. Social organization is highly developed, mutual aid being a strong feature. Individual birds may show exceptional intelligence. The pair bond is strong, lifelong in some species. The male helps to build the nest, which is a mass of twigs in a tree or on a ledge, sometimes in large colonies; he feeds the female while she incubates the two to nine eggs.

      Some corvids are notorious nest-robbers, and others damage grain crops; they also eat quantities of noxious insects, however, and are useful scavengers. A few cold-country species store acorns and pine nuts for winter use; the caches they overlook are important in reforestation.

      The larger, shorter-tailed species, of sombre appearance, occur worldwide except in South America. See chough; crow; jackdaw; nutcracker; raven; rook.

      The smaller, more colourful species, often long-tailed or crested, are most numerous in South America and southeastern Asia. See jay; magpie.

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