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      the morning glory family of flowering plants, which includes some 57 genera and about 1,600 species, widely cultivated for their colourful funnel-shaped flowers. The family is classified as a member of the order Solanales. Most are twining and erect herbs, with a few woody vines, trees, and shrubs. The family is widespread in both tropical and temperate areas. The sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is an economic plant of the family, but the ornamental vines are used in horticulture; several species of bindweeds are agricultural pests. The seeds of two species, Turbina corymbosa and Ipomoea violacea, are sources of hallucinogenic drugs of historical interest and contemporary concern.

      The leaves of plants belonging to the family are alternate and simple or compound, and the flower petals are united in the characteristic funnel-shaped corolla. The stems often contain latex and are rarely tuberous. The roots are usually fibrous but sometimes form rootstalks or tubers.

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