▪ Aztec deity
Nahuatl“Serpent Skirt”

       Aztec earth (Earth Mother) goddess, symbol of the earth as both creator and destroyer, mother of the gods and mortals. The dualism that she embodies is powerfully concretized in her image: her face is of two fanged serpents and her skirt is of interwoven snakes (snakes symbolize fertility); her breasts are flabby (she nourished many); her necklace is of hands, hearts, and a skull (she feeds on corpses, as the earth consumes all that dies); and her fingers and toes are claws. Called also Teteoinnan (“Mother of the Gods”) and Toci (“Our Grandmother”), she is a single manifestation of the earth goddess, a multifaceted being who also appears as the fearsome goddess of childbirth, Cihuacóatl (“Snake Woman”; like Coatlicue, called Tonantzin [“Our Mother”]), and as Tlazoltéotl, the goddess of sexual impurity and wrongful behaviour.

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