Christian Front

Christian Front

▪ American organization
      in American history, anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi organization active from about 1938 until the United States entered World War II. Under the banner of anticommunism, it openly and clandestinely encouraged boycotts of Jewish merchants, used the slogan “Buy Christian,” and published the Christian Index, a directory of non-Jewish merchants in part of New York City. It received support from the Brooklyn Tablet, a Roman Catholic weekly newspaper. The Front became associated with the activities of the Reverend Charles E. Coughlin (Coughlin, Charles E) of Royal Oak, Mich., who regularly preached on radio; at a Front-sponsored anti-Semitic rally in New York City in May 1939, Father Coughlin's Social Justice was distributed. The July 1939 issue of that magazine presented the Front's expansion plan, but the group was soon quieted by a growing anti-Nazi sentiment as World War II began.

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