Chlotar II

Chlotar II

▪ Merovingian king
born , May or June 584
died Oct. 18, 629
 Merovingian king of Neustria and sole ruler of the Franks from 613.

      An infant when his father, Chilperic I, was assassinated in 584, he was assured the succession by the power of his mother, Fredegund, and by the protection of his uncle, Guntram, king of Burgundy. Fighting off an attack by his cousin Childebert II of Austrasia-Burgundy in 592, Chlotar himself seized territory from Childebert's young successors, Theodebert II and Theodoric II, in 596 but lost much of his realm to them in 599 or 600. In 613, however, when both were dead, Austrasian hostility toward Brunhild, great-grandmother of Theodoric's young son, Sigebert II, allowed Chlotar to seize both Austrasia and Burgundy and thus to reunite the Frankish lands. He killed both Sigebert and Brunhild.

      Chlotar enjoyed a high reputation among churchmen, relations with whom were regulated in a wide-ranging edict, issued at the Council of Paris in October 614, intended to settle the problems arising from the long years of turmoil. He made contact with the Irish missionary and monastic reformer St. Columban and supported the monastery at Luxeuil that Columban had founded. Apart from some trouble in Burgundy, the years after 613 were in fact peaceful. Chlotar did not unify the administration, however; he maintained separate mayors of the palace for the three districts over which he ruled, and in 623 he established his son, Dagobert I, as king of Austrasia, with Pippin I as mayor of the palace.

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