largest of the tribal populations in the Chittagong area in southeastern Bangladesh, numbering 350,000 in the late 20th century. The Chakma dwell in Kassalong and in the middle Karnafuli valleys and are ethnically related to the Arakanese of southwestern Burma; they live in close proximity with smaller tribes such as the Maghs, Tipra, and Tenchungya. Their original culture has been gradually obscured by their partial adoption of Bengali culture. The Chakma have discarded their original Burmese language and today speak a variant Bengali dialect.

      Lacking statehood, the Chakma have protected themselves by clan organization, not found in the other Chittagong-area tribes. They practice mixed shifting and permanent agriculture, growing paddy rice as well as millet, corn (maize), vegetables, and mustard. They traditionally used hoe cultivation but have recently begun to use the plow. The women weave distinctive fabrics to supplement family income and provide clothing. The Chakma have observed a mixture of animism, Hinduism, and Buddhism and today are almost entirely Buddhist. Buddhist tradition, such as sacrificing a pig when a bride arrives at the groom's village, is mixed with a custom of eating pork, a practice disdained by the Bengalis.

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