extinct genus of very primitive jawless, fishlike vertebrates found in Early Devonian rocks (the Devonian Period lasted from 408 to 360 million years ago) in Europe and North America. Cephalaspis, one of an early group of vertebrates called ostracoderms, possessed an external bony head shield, but probably its internal skeleton was not ossified to any great extent. Its eyes were situated on the dorsal side of the flat head; the ventral placement of its mouth indicates that Cephalaspis was a bottom-feeding animal. It is probable that Cephalaspis lived by straining organic matter from the bottom sediments of the freshwater streams it inhabited, a feeding method that persisted from its ancestors. Cephalaspis differed from its predecessors in that the head shield was freed from the rest of the body, allowing for greater mobility, and it also possessed paired pectoral fins. Sensory structures, perhaps electric organs of a sort, were present along the margins of the head shield. See also ostracoderm. (ostracoderm)

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