Cen Shen

Cen Shen

▪ Chinese poet
also called  Cen Jiazhou , Wade-Giles romanization  Ts'en Shen  or  Ts'en Chia-chou 
born 715, Jiangling [now in Hubei province], China
died 770, Chengdu, Sichuan province

      one of the celebrated poets of the Tang dynasty (618–907) of China.

      Because of the decline of his aristocratic family, Cen had to rely upon his literary skill to secure government appointment through the examination system. During the 750s he held several assignments in the Central Asian outposts of the far-flung Tang empire until the eruption of An Lushan's rebellion of 755 forced his return to China. Having supported the loyalist cause, he succeeded to a number of provincial posts under the restoration until his retirement in 768.

      A member of the second generation of High Tang poets, which included such masters as Li Bai and Du Fu, Cen participated in the effort to reinvigorate the lüshi, or “regulated poem,” through innovations in diction and metre. His contemporaries praised him for his stylistic craftsmanship, particularly his skill at creating unconventional metaphors and imaginative phrases. He came to be best known as a “frontier poet” because he so frequently set his poems in exotic Central Asia.

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