cat snake

cat snake

      any of several groups of arboreal or semiarboreal rear-fanged snakes (snake) in the family Colubridae with eyes having vertically elliptical pupils similar to those found in felines (feline). Cat snakes are nocturnal hunters that become active at twilight. By day their pupils are contracted to narrow vertical slits, but as night falls the pupils expand to a nearly circular shape to let in as much light as possible. The body is thin and laterally compressed, and the head is triangular and distinct from the neck. Their short rear fangs can deliver a mild venom that is not dangerous to humans. Representatives occur on all continents except Antarctica. Some of the major groups are listed below.

      Eurasian cat snakes (Telescopus) inhabit dry regions of southeastern Europe, southwestern Asia, and northern Africa. About 12 species are known; they feed entirely upon lizards (lizard), and females lay between 4 and 12 eggs (egg) to a clutch. European cat snakes (T. fallax) occur in six subspecies. They are moderately sized at 0.5–0.7 metre (1.6–2.3 feet) long, though some may reach 1.3 metres (about 4 feet). Clutch sizes in this species range from 4 to 6 eggs.

      Other Old World cat snakes include Boiga (mangrove snake), which is mainly distributed through Southeast Asia and the East Indies, with more than 35 species ranging from Pakistan to Australia. Two species (B. blandingii and B. pulverulenta) occur in Africa. This large and diverse group ranges in size from 0.5 to 2 metres (1.6 to 6.5 feet), though some can grow to be 2.8 metres (about 9 feet) long. They feed on birds (bird), mammals (mammal), lizards, frogs (frog), and other snakes, as well as the eggs of these animals. Breeding females of this genus lay between 3 and 15 eggs. One of the largest and most spectacular species is the black-and-yellow mangrove snake, or gold-ringed cat snake (B. dendrophila), a shiny black snake with a yellow crossbar pattern on its body. It ranges from the Malay Peninsula to the Philippines and can reach 2.5 metres (about 8 feet) in length.

      In addition to B. blandingii and B. pulverulenta, African cat snakes also include members of the genus Dipsadoboa. This genus is made up of 11 or more species that are primarily restricted to rainforests (rainforest) and open woodlands south of the Sahara; they are uniformly green to brown in colour, with yellow or orange eyes. African cat snakes are slender and grow to about 0.5–0.7 metre (1.6–2.3 feet) in length, though some may grow to 1.4 metres (about 4.5 feet). They feed upon frogs, toads (toad), and tadpoles (tadpole), and females lay 2–8 eggs in a clutch.

      Often classified separately, cat-eyed snakes (Leptodeira) of the New World tropics are superficially similar to Old World cat snakes. Ten species of cat-eyed snakes occur in dry habitats from Mexico to Argentina. The most common species is the banded cat-eyed snake (L. annulata), which is found over the entire range of the genus. These snakes are light brown in colour with dark brown spots or blotches on the back, and they typically grow to 0.5–0.8 metre (1.6–2.6 feet), though specimens of 1.1 metres (about 3.6 feet) have been found. Banded cat-eyed snakes feed mainly upon frogs, but they also eat lizards. Breeding females deposit clutches of 3–12 eggs.

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