carotid artery

carotid artery

      one of several arteries that supply blood to the head and neck. Of the two common carotid arteries, which extend headward on each side of the neck, the left originates in the arch of the aorta over the heart; the right originates in the brachiocephalic trunk, the largest branch from the arch of the aorta. Each common carotid artery divides into an external and an internal carotid artery.

      Each internal carotid artery ascends through the carotid canal in the temporal bone into the cranial cavity. It gives off an ophthalmic branch to the eyeball and other contents of the orbit and then divides into the anterior and middle cerebral arteries. The internal carotid arteries, together with the vertebral arteries, which are the arteries of primary supply for the brain, are distinguished by lying at some depth from the surface in their course to the organ, by having curves or twists in their course, and by having no larger collateral branches.

      The external carotid artery ascends through the upper part of the side of the neck and behind the lower jaw into the parotid gland, where it divides into various branches. The external carotid artery gives off the following branches: (1) superior thyroid to the larynx and thyroid gland, (2) lingual to the tongue and sublingual gland, (3) facial to the face, palate, tonsil, and submaxillary gland, (4) occipital to the sternomastoid muscle and back of the scalp, (5) posterior auricular to the back of the ear and the adjacent part of the scalp, (6) superficial temporal to the scalp in front of the ear and, by its transverse facial branch, to the back part of the face, (7) maxillary, giving muscular branches to the muscles of mastication, meningeal to the dura mater, dental to the teeth, and other branches to the nose, palate, and tympanum, and (8) ascending pharyngeal, which supplies the pharynx, palate, tonsils, and dura mater.

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