also called  vibriosis 

      a disease of cattle, sheep, and humans caused by bacteria of the genus campylobacter. Vaccines (vaccine) are available against the disease in cattle and sheep.

      In humans, campylobacteriosis is the chief form of food poisoning. The disease is often contracted from contact with raw chicken. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. The infection usually lasts a week and can be treated with antibiotics (antibiotic). Efforts are underway to create a campylobacter vaccine for poultry, which would limit the incidence of campylobacteriosis in humans.

      In cattle, the disease is transmitted during coitus or artificial insemination. It is marked by inflammation of the genital tract, temporary infertility, and irregularity of estrus. If a fetus develops, it becomes infected and is either resorbed or aborted. The infection usually runs its course in less than two months, but in some animals it may become chronic. Control is possible through antibiotic uterine douches and penile ointments. semen given artificially can also be treated with antibiotics.

      Campylobacteriosis in sheep is transmitted by ingestion. The bacteria then invade the internal organs and the genital tract.

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