(Sanskrit: “that which is worthy to be gazed upon,” thus “worshipful”), in Buddhism, a sacred place or object. Originally, caityas were said to be the natural homes of earth spirits and were most often recognized in small stands of trees or even in a single tree. According to Jaina and Buddhist texts from about 200 BC, wandering Indian ascetics often gathered near caityas to beg alms from local religious pilgrims and to pay homage to the deities residing therein. Later, the term caitya assumed the distinctive meaning of a meeting place or meditation grove for mendicant renunciates and a pilgrimage centre for the laity.

      It appears that over the years these meditation and pilgrimage groves became the sites for more permanent, probably wooden, structures that housed the people visiting them. From the 2nd century BC to the 8th century AD, caityas were carved directly into the rock bluffs of the Western Ghāts in a style that clearly alludes to wooden prototypes. For example, “beams” were carved into the roofs of the caves. These permanent caityas characteristically consist of a central rectangular nave separated from aisles at either side by two rows of pillars that support the roof. Often, small meditation rooms line the periphery of the space, and a semicircular apse stands at one end of the room. Frequently, this apse holds a stūpa (stupa), a domed enclosure that protects sacred objects and that serves as a focus of Buddhist cultic worship.

      An outstanding example of a classical caitya is the magnificent Kārli caitya-hall from the late 1st century BC near Pune (Poona), in western India.

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