Brustolon, Andrea

Brustolon, Andrea

▪ Italian wood-carver
born July 20, 1662, Belluno, Republic of Venice [now in Italy]
died Oct. 25, 1732
 Italian wood-carver, known for his furniture in the Venetian Baroque style, characterized by extravagant curves and lavish ornamentation.

      Brustolon went to Venice in 1677 for a year of training, moving to Rome in 1678. Returning to Venice in 1680, he engaged in decorative carving for several churches and created his outstanding works, the furniture for the Venier di San Vio and Correr di San Simeone families; these walnut and ebony pieces are decorated with elaborately carved figures.

      Brustolon returned to Belluno in 1685 and from that time devoted himself mainly to work for religious uses, usually in wood but occasionally in ivory. His furniture can be seen at the Ca' Rezzonico, Venice.

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