Book of Common Order

Book of Common Order

▪ religious work
also called  Order of Geneva , or  Knox's Liturgy 

      first Reformed manual of worship in English, introduced to the English congregation in Geneva by John Knox (Knox, John) in 1556, adopted by the Scottish Reformers in 1562, and revised in 1564. The norm of public worship followed in the book is the ancient service of word and sacrament. A book of common order, as contrasted with a Book of Common Prayer, aims at securing a common pattern of worship without making specific verbal forms compulsory, and the prayers are almost entirely to be said by the minister, in accordance with a practice introduced by John Calvin (Calvin, John).

      In the 17th century the Stuart kings attempted to adapt Scottish church life to English ways. When Charles I tried to force a new liturgy on the Scottish church in 1637, the Covenanters revolted. This led to a more sympathetic attitude by the Scots toward those Puritans (Puritanism) who wanted books to be less prominent in worship. In 1645 the Scottish General Assembly replaced the Book of Common Order with the Directory of Public Worship, which had been prepared by the Westminster Assembly.

      In modern times the service book used by the Church of Scotland (Scotland, Church of) is the Book of Common Order (1940), which is based on several earlier service books.

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