▪ Indian poet
flourished 6th or 7th century AD

      Sanskrit poet and grammarian, author of the influential Bhattikavya, which is a mahakavya (“great poem”), or classical epic composed of a variable number of comparatively short cantos. He is often confused with the writers Bhartrihari and Vatsabhatti.

      Bhatti lived in the ancient Indian city of Valabhi, writing under the patronage of one of four kings named Shridharasena. He is said to have taught Sanskrit to the princes of the court. Comprising a total of 22 cantos and 1,650 verses, his Bhattikavya recounts the story of Rama and Sita based on the Sanskrit epic Ramayana (“Romance of Rama”). At the same time, it illustrates the principal rules of Sanskrit grammar and poetics that were codified by the grammarian Panini. The first four cantos discuss miscellaneous rules; the next six cantos treat the primary rules; the following four cantos illustrate poetic techniques; and the remaining nine cantos cover the use of moods and tenses.

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