Beretta SpA

Beretta SpA

▪ Italian company
in full  Fabbrica D'armi Pietro Beretta SpA (Italian: “Pietro Beretta Arms Works Limited”) 

      Italian-based manufacturer of sporting, military, and personal firearms, one of the world's oldest industrial enterprises. It has affiliates in France, Greece, and the United States. Headquarters are in Gardone Val Trompia, near Milan, Italy.

      The founder of the business, Bartolomeo Beretta, was known as a maestro da canne, or master gun-barrel maker, for the republic of Venice as early as 1526. His son Giovannino inherited his father's work in Gardone Val Trompia, and thereafter the family business was handed down over the centuries in an unbroken chain from fathers to sons or, more lately, nephews. Pietro Beretta (1791–1853), after furnishing gun barrels for Napoleon's conquering armies, decided after the peace of 1815 to turn to the manufacture of whole weapons and diversified into sporting guns. Another Pietro Beretta (1870–1957) introduced modern production techniques and more than trebled the company's factory space. By the late 20th century the company was being directed by 12th and 13th generations of the Beretta family.

      The company manufactures and markets, worldwide, arms for hunters, competition shooters, law-enforcement officers, and military personnel; the products include field and high-grade sporting shotguns, rifles, pistols, military arms, knives, and such accessories as sights and scopes and binoculars.

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