Bentivoglio Family

Bentivoglio Family

▪ Italian family
      Italian family that controlled Bologna during the second half of the 15th century.

      Long prominent in Bolognese affairs, the Bentivogli are first recorded there in 1323. Emboldened by the power that they had gained as pro-papist Guelf chiefs in the 14th century, they made two unsuccessful attempts to seize power. First, Giovanni I Bentivoglio, declared signore (“lord”) in 1401, was defeated in 1402 by the Visconti of Milan, who were expanding their territory. Second, Anton Galeazzo, who seized power in 1420, was forced to yield to Pope Martin V, who had reestablished papal authority.

      The family was unable to dominate Bologna until Annibale (d. 1445), son of Anton Galeazzo, returned from exile (1438) to become virtual signore from 1443 to 1445. Upon Annibale's assassination, the Bentivogli chose as his successor Sante (1424–63), a little-known member of the family who had been reared in Florence. Nominally only a member of the Sixteen, the city's ruling body, Sante, in fact, ruled Bologna. He reached an extremely important agreement with the papacy (Capitula, 1447) defining the extent of Bologna's independence from papal control. Sante Bentivoglio established his family's close relationship with the Sforza family of Milan, often an important ally during wars.

      Sante's successor, Giovanni II (1443–1508), improved the town and its waterways, made the army more efficient, and maintained a family tradition of patronage of the arts and letters. He successfully evaded the designs of Pope Paul II, who wished to increase papal control of Bologna.

      Having been the target of many conspiracies, Giovanni became suspicious and so tyrannical that, when the Bentivogli were challenged by Pope Julius II, they received little popular support and were driven from Bologna in 1506. The family finally moved to Ferrara. To the Ferrarese branch belonged many gifted persons, including the writers and diplomats Cardinals Guido (1579–1644) and Cornelio (1668–1732).

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