Becher, Johannes Robert

Becher, Johannes Robert

▪ German writer and government official
born May 22, 1891, Munich, Germany
died October 11, 1958, Berlin

      poet and critic, editor, and government official who was among the most important advocates of revolutionary social reform in Germany during the 1920s and who later served as minister of culture for the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).

      Becher studied medicine, literature, and philosophy and, in 1918, joined the German Communist Party (KPD). He was already an established commentator on the social and artistic scene and a leader of the movement to transform German society through a revolution of the proletariat. Involved in the Expressionist school that dominated German writing in the period 1910–20, he wrote romantic, emotionally complex poetry that mirrored both his personal turmoil and his visions of a new social order. Becher later wrote the lyrics for East Germany's national anthem, “Auferstanden aus Ruinen” (“Rising from the Ruins”).

      Though elected to the German Reichstag in 1933, Becher was forced into exile with the advent of Nazi power and went to Moscow, where he edited a German-language newspaper (1935–45). Life in Moscow disillusioned him about Joseph Stalin's version of communism but not about communist ideology itself. Returning to Germany in 1945, he was made president of the Association for the Democratic Rebirth of Germany. In 1954 he became East German minister of culture. Becher's diaries in the decade 1945–55 give intimate insights into the many personal and ideological conflicts that tormented his life as a poet and as a political activist.

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