Bāṭinah, Al-

Bāṭinah, Al-

      narrow, well-populated coastal plain, northeastern Oman, fronting the Gulf of Oman for about 150 miles (240 km) and extending from Oman's border with the United Arab Emirates near Shināṣ southeast to As-Sīb. The coastal plain varies in width between 10 and 30 miles (15 and 45 km) and is crossed by numerous wadis descending northeastward from the mountain chain of Al-Ḥajar (“The Stone”); the upper courses of the wadis are densely populated. In the parts of the plain removed from the coast and the wadis, acacia trees give way to a barren, pebbly plain near the foothills of Al-Ḥajar. Cultivation is intensive along the length of the coast for the first mile inland because of the ribbon of oases watered by wells and underground channels. Since early times the region has been known for its exports of dates, horses, dried limes, and copper and of ambergris washed up on its shore. It was dominated by the Persians at various times and came under attacks by the Carmathians in the 10th century, the Turks in the 11th–12th century, and the Portuguese in the 16th century.

      Al-Bāṭinah has vast plantations of date palms; papaya, lime, and mango trees are grown along the coast in irrigated gardens, which also produce vegetables and some cereal grains. Sheep and goats are raised, and fishing is important. The major towns of Al-Bāṭinah (all on the coast) include Al-Musanaʾa, As-Suwayq, Al-Khābūrah, As-Ṣaḥam, Ṣuhār, and Shināṣ. The inhabitants of the plain (about one-third of Oman's total population) are a mixture of Arabs and Baluchi and are Muslims.

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