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  • Associativity — In mathematics, associativity is a property that a binary operation can have. It means that, within an expression containing two or more of the same associative operators in a row, the order that the operations occur does not matter as long as… …   Wikipedia

  • associativity — asociatyvumas statusas T sritis informatika apibrėžtis Operacijos savybė: rezultatas nekinta pakeitus iš eilės surašytų operacijų atlikimo tvarką. Asociatyvumas būdingas sudėčiai (a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c) ir daugybai (a × (b × c) = (a × b) × c) …   Enciklopedinis kompiuterijos žodynas

  • associativity — noun see associative * * * associativity / ə tivˈ/ noun • • • Main Entry: ↑associate …   Useful english dictionary

  • associativity — noun see associative …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • associativity — noun the condition of being associative …   Wiktionary

  • associativity — n. association, coalition; associative behavior …   English contemporary dictionary

  • associativity — as·so·ci·a·tiv·i·ty …   English syllables

  • Operator associativity — For the mathematical concept of associativity, see Associativity. In programming languages and mathematical notation, the associativity (or fixity) of an operator is a property that determines how operators of the same precedence are grouped in… …   Wikipedia

  • Power associativity — In abstract algebra, power associativity is a weak form of associativity.An algebra (or more generally a magma) is said to be power associative if the subalgebra generated by any element is associative.Concretely, this means that if an element x… …   Wikipedia

  • Associative property — This article is about associativity in mathematics. For associativity in the central processor unit memory cache, see CPU cache. For associativity in programming languages, see operator associativity. In mathematics, associativity is a property… …   Wikipedia

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