Basque Nationalist Party

Basque Nationalist Party

▪ political organization, Basque region
Basque  Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea (EAJ),  Spanish  Partido Nacionalist Vasco (PNV) 

      Basque political party that supports greater autonomy for the Basque Country (including Navarre (Navarra)) within Spain.

      The Basque Nationalist Party (commonly known by the combined Basque and Spanish acronym, EAJ–PNV) was established in 1895 in Bilbao by journalist Sabino de Arana y Goiri to contest local elections. However, the party soon expanded to the rest of Vizcaya province and later to the entire country. Since its founding, the EAJ–PNV has adopted a moderate, Christian Democratic stance, endorsing a mixed economy and opposing unfettered capitalism. This centrism helped the EAJ–PNV achieve widespread support in the Basque Country, and, from the 1910s to the '30s, it captured some one-third of the vote and elected several members to the Spanish Cortes (legislature) in Madrid. After the Cortes passed legislation granting the Basque Country autonomy in October 1936, the EAJ–PNV formed an autonomous government and established an alliance with republican forces against General Francisco Franco (Franco, Francisco) during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39).

      During Franco's long reign (1939–75), Basque nationalism was suppressed, and many of the party's leaders were forced into exile. With the restoration of democracy in the 1970s, the EAJ–PNV reestablished itself as the leading political party in the Basque Country. Unlike the Basque separatist ETA, the party eschews violence to achieve its goals and has condemned ETA's terrorist tactics; indeed, in 1989 the EAJ–PNV led mass demonstrations against ETA. Maintaining control of the Basque government throughout the last two decades of the 20th and into the 21st century, the EAJ–PNV joined the Catalan Convergence and Union Party in 1996 in supporting the Popular Party, which governed Spain as a minority government. The EAJ–PNV is a member of the Christian Democrat International, and its delegates to the European Parliament are members of the European People's Party.

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