also spelled  Baggara 

      (Arabic: “Cattlemen”), nomadic people of Arab and African ancestry who live in a part of Africa that will support cattle but not camels—south of latitude 13° and north of latitude 10° from Lake Chad eastward to the Nile River. Probably they are the descendants of Arabs who migrated west out of Egypt in the European Middle Ages, turned south from Tunisia to Chad, and finally moved back eastward in the 18th or 19th century to settle below the now Islamized sultanates of Kordofan, Darfur, and Wadai.

      Herding cattle is the Baqqārah livelihood, requiring them to migrate south to the river lands in the dry season and north to the grasslands during the rains. During these seasonal treks, crops such as sorghum and millet as well as indigenous Sudanic crops are grown.

      Association with local peoples such as the Fulani have given the Baqqārah a distinct dialect of Arabic.

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