azo compound

azo compound

      any organic chemical compound in which the azo group (−N=N−) is part of the molecular structure. The atomic groups attached to the nitrogen atoms may be of any organic class, but the commercially important azo compounds, those that make up more than half the commercial dyes, have the benzene group or its derivatives as the attached groups (aromatic (aromatic compound) azo compounds).

      Most aromatic azo compounds are prepared by the reaction of a diazonium salt with an organic substance that contains easily replaced hydrogen atoms. The synthesis of azobenzene from nitrobenzene by treatment with certain oxygen-removing reagents is an example of an alternate method useful for symmetrical azo compounds.

      Azo compounds in which the attached groups are aliphatic (aliphatic compound) organic groups are usually made by dehydrogenation of the corresponding hydrazo compounds (containing the group −HN−NH−) made from hydrazine, N2H4. An important reaction of the aliphatic azo compounds is their decomposition by heat into nitrogen and free radicals; the latter often are used to initiate polymerization reactions.

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