Avidius Cassius, Gaius

Avidius Cassius, Gaius

▪ Roman emperor
born c. AD 130, Egypt
died July 175

      usurping Roman emperor for three months in AD 175.

      The son of a high civil servant of the emperor Hadrian (ruled 117–138), Avidius directed operations under the command of the emperor Verus in Rome's war against the Parthians (161–166). By 165 Avidius had advanced into Mesopotamia, sacked Seleucia, and destroyed the royal palace in the capital, Ctesiphon. (Both cities are on the Tigris River south of modern Baghdad.) In 166 Marcus Aurelius (reigned 161–180) made him governor of Syria; by 172, when he suppressed an agrarian revolt in Egypt, he was supreme commander of the Roman forces in the East. In spring 175 Avidius had himself declared emperor by his troops, perhaps after hearing a false report of the death of Marcus, who was campaigning on the Danube. Marcus set out for the East, but he did not have to complete the trip; Avidius was assassinated by one of his own soldiers, and his head was brought to Marcus.

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