▪ Spanish Muslim philosopher
also called  Ibn Bājjah , in full  Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Yaḥyā ibn as-Sāyigh at-Tujībī al-Andalusī as-Saraqustī 
born c. 1095, , Zaragoza, Spain
died 1138/39, Fès, Mor.

      earliest known representative in Spain of the Arabic Aristotelian–Neoplatonic philosophical tradition and forerunner of the polymath scholar Ibn Ṭufayl and of the philosopher Averroës.

      Avempace's chief philosophical tenets seem to have included belief in the possibility that the human soul could become united with the Divine. This union was conceived as the final stage in an intellectual ascent beginning with the impressions of sense objects that consist of form and matter and rising through a hierarchy of spiritual forms (i.e., forms containing less and less matter) to the Active Intellect, which is an emanation of the deity. Many Muslim biographers consider Avempace to have been an atheist.

      Avempace's most important philosophical work is Tadbīr al-mutawaḥḥid (“The Regime of the Solitary”), which he was unable to complete before his death. He also wrote a number of songs and poems and a treatise on botany; he is known to have studied astronomy, medicine, and mathematics.

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