▪ Buddhist religious reformer
also called  Dīpaṅkara  
born 982
died 1054, Nyethang, Tibet [now Nyetang, China]

      Indian Buddhist reformer whose teachings formed the basis of the Tibetan Bka'-gdams-pa (“Those Bound by Command”) sect of Buddhism, founded by his disciple 'Brom-ston.

      Traveling to Tibet in 1038 or 1042 from Nālandā, a centre of Buddhist studies in India, Atīśa established monasteries there and wrote treatises emphasizing the three schools of Buddhism: the Theravāda (exclusive belief in the Gautama Buddha), the Mahāyāna (belief that Gautama Buddha is one of many buddhas), and the Vajrayāna (which emphasizes yoga). He taught that the three stages follow in succession and must be practiced in that order. He died at Nyethang Monastery, where his tomb still exists.

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