Athenodorus Cananites

Athenodorus Cananites

▪ Greek philosopher
also called  Athenodorus Son Of Sandon  
born c. 74 BC, , Canana, near Tarsus, Cilicia [now in Turkey]
died AD 7

      Greek Stoic philosopher who was the teacher of the younger Octavian, who later became the emperor Augustus. He is to be distinguished from Athenodorus Cordylion, also a Stoic, who became keeper of the library in Pergamum. Athenodorus acquired a lasting influence over Octavian and probably followed him to Rome in 44 BC, later returning to Tarsus, where he remodeled the city's constitution, setting up a government of property owners favourable to Rome. None of his writing is extant, and Strabo and Cicero (Cicero, Marcus Tullius) (whom he helped in the composition of the De Officiis) provide the main sources of information about him.

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