▪ king of Visigoths
also spelled  Atawulf, or Ataulf  
died 415, Barcelona [Spain]

      chieftain of the Visigoths (Visigoth) from 410 to 415 and the successor of his brother-in-law Alaric.

      In 412 Ataulphus led the Visigoths, who had recently sacked Rome (410), from Italy to settle in southern Gaul. Two years later he married the Roman princess Galla Placidia (sister of the emperor Honorius), who had been seized at Rome. Driven from Gaul, he retreated into Spain early in 415 and was in that year assassinated at Barcelona. The 5th-century historian Paulus Orosius (Orosius, Paulus) records Ataulphus' statement that his original aim had been to overthrow the Roman Empire, but that later, recognizing the inability of his people to govern an empire, he desired to bolster Roman power by means of Gothic arms. His vision of an empire revitalized through a barbarian alliance was not realized.

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