Aristophanes Of Byzantium

Aristophanes Of Byzantium

▪ Greek critic and grammarian
born c. 257 BC
died 180 BC, Alexandria

      Greek literary (literary criticism) critic and grammarian who, after early study under leading scholars in Alexandria (Alexandria, Library of), was chief librarian there c. 195 BC.

      Aristophanes was the producer of a text of Homer and also edited Hesiod's Theogony, Alcaeus, Pindar, Euripides, Aristophanes, and perhaps Anacreon. Many of the Arguments prefixed in the manuscripts to Greek tragedies and comedies are ascribed to Aristophanes, and his study of Greek comedy led to separate works on Athenian courtesans and on character types. He revised and continued the Pinakes of Callimachus, a biographical history of Greek literature. As a lexicographer he compiled collections of archaic and unusual words, technical terms, and proverbs.

      As a grammarian Aristophanes founded a school and wrote a treatise, About Analogy, which laid down rules for declension, etc. In editing the work of lyric and dramatic poets he introduced innovations in metrical analysis and textual criticism that were widely adopted by later scholars. Aristophanes also was responsible for arranging Plato's dialogues in trilogies, and he is generally credited with the foundation of the so-called Alexandrian Canon, a selection in each genre of literary work that contemporaries considered to be models of excellence.

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