Apollodorus of Damascus

Apollodorus of Damascus

▪ Greek architect and engineer
flourished 2nd century AD
 Damascus-born Greek engineer and architect who worked primarily for the Roman emperor Trajan (reigned 98–117). He was banished by the emperor Hadrian—perhaps following a disagreement about a temple design—and executed about 130.

      Apollodorus is credited with the design of most of the imperial buildings erected under Trajan, including the baths, forum, column (Trajan's Column), and public market that bear Trajan's name, as well as the Ulpian basilica in Rome (also named for the emperor) and the impressive bridge over the Danube ( Trajan's Bridge) at what is now Drobeta-Turnu Severin (Drobeta–Turnu Severin), Romania. Apollodorus is known to have written several technical treatises, though none survive.

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