Amin, Hafizullah

Amin, Hafizullah

▪ president of Afghanistan
born August 1, 1929, Paghmān, Afghanistan
died December 27, 1979, Kabul

      leftist politician who briefly served as the president of Afghanistan in 1979.

      Amin was born into a Ghilzay Pashtun family. After graduating from Kabul University, he traveled to the United States for graduate study at Columbia University in New York. Upon returning to Afghanistan, he became a teacher and later the principal of a teacher-training college. He joined the Wikh-e Zalmayan (“Awakened Youth”), a reform-minded brotherhood, and in 1963 became a member of the leftist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA), which was headed by Nur Mohammad Taraki (Taraki, Nur Mohammad). On April 27, 1978, Amin, who had become the PDPA's strongman, engineered a coup that toppled the government of Mohammad Daud Khan (Daud Khan, Mohammad). As a member of the People's (“Khalq”) faction of the PDPA, he participated with Taraki in removing members of the Banner (“Parcham”) faction from any real positions of power in the government. Taraki became president and prime minister, and Amin was named deputy prime minister. Amin's power continued to grow, however, and on March 27, 1979, he claimed Taraki's position of prime minister, although Taraki retained the presidency. At the time, the country was becoming increasingly unstable as Afghans protested the government's Marxist reforms, many of which seemed to undermine Afghanistan's traditional Islamic culture. On September 14, 1979, Amin overthrew Taraki and declared himself president. His nationalist views and attempts to improve relations with Pakistan and the United States, however, drew the mistrust of the Soviet Union. The country further fell into unrest, and the Soviets invaded Afghanistan (Afghan War) on December 24, 1979. Amin was killed, and Babrak Karmal (Karmal, Babrak), of the Banner faction, was installed as president.

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