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Arabic  ʿAlawī , plural  ʿAlawīyah , also called  Nuṣayrī , plural  Nuṣayrīyah , or  Namīrī , plural  Namīrīyah , or  Ansarī , plural  Ansarīyah 

      any member of a minority sect of Shīʿite Muslims living chiefly in Syria.

      The roots of ʿAlawism lie in the teachings of Muḥammad ibn Nuṣayr an-Namīrī (fl. 850), a Basran contemporary of the 10th Shīʿite imam, and the sect was chiefly established by Ḥusayn ibn Ḥamdān al-Khaṣībī (d. 957 or 968) during the period of the Ḥamdānid dynasty (905–1004), at which time the ʿAlawites had great influence in Aleppo. With the fall of Shiʿite rule, however, the ʿAlawites, with other Shīʿites, became the victims of persecution. They were ill-treated by waves of Crusaders, by Mamlūks, and by Ottoman conquerors, in addition to fighting a number of internecine wars.

      Considered by many Muslims to be heretics, the present-day ʿAlawites obtained a legal decision about their status as Muslims from the Lebanese leader of the Ithnā ʿAsharīyah (Twelver) sect of Shīʿite Islām. The ʿAlawite sect has become politically dominant in Syria, particularly since 1971, when Ḥafiz al-Assad, an ʿAlawite, was elected president of the country. The sect is predominant in the Latakia region of Syria, and it extends north to Antioch (Antakya), Turkey. Many ʿAlawites also live around or in Ḥimṣ and Ḥamāh. They are second in number within Syria to the Sunnite sect, which makes up about three-fourths of the Muslim population of mostly Muslim Syria.

      The name ʿAlawī is more generally used to refer to all the groups affiliated with one of the ʿAlīs; thus the Muslims usually refer to the Syrian ʿAlawites as Nuṣayrīyah, or Namīrīyah. Though well established in Syria since the 12th century, the ʿAlawites were not able to fully adopt the name ʿAlawī until 1920, the time of French occupation of the area.

      The basic doctrine of ʿAlawite faith is the deification of ʿAlī. He is one member of a trinity corresponding roughly to the Christian Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. ʿAlawites interpret the Pillars of Islām (the five duties required of every Muslim) as symbols and thus do not practice the Islāmic duties. They celebrate an eclectic group of holidays, some Islāmic, some Christian, and many ʿAlawite practices are secret. They consider themselves to be moderate Shīʿites, not much different from the Twelvers.

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