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      the agave family of the flowering plant order Liliales, consisting of about 22 genera and at least 720 species of short-stemmed, often woody plants distributed throughout tropical, subtropical, and temperate areas of the world. Members of the family have narrow, lance-shaped, sometimes fleshy or toothed leaves that are clustered at the base of each plant. Most species have large flower clusters containing many flowers. The fruit is a capsule or berry.

      Plants of the genus Agave are important primarily for the fibres obtained from their leaves. Sisal hemp, from A. sisalana, is the most valuable hard fibre. henequen fibre is obtained from A. fourcroyoides and cantala, or Manila-Maguey fibre, from A. cantala. Some species of Agave contain a sap that is fermented to produce a cheesy-smelling, intoxicating drink. The century plant (A. americana) of southwestern North America is widely cultivated both indoors and outdoors for its 1.5- to 1.8-metre (5- to 6-foot) spiny leaves and 7.5- to 12-m flower cluster. The stemless plant produces its branched, yellow flower spike after 10 to 15 years and then dies, leaving small plants growing about its base. Many species of the genus yucca are popular as ornamentals for their woody stems and spiny leaves. Some species ofNolina andDasylirion, similar to yuccas except for taller flower clusters and narrow leaves, also are cultivated. Sotol (Dasylirion acotrichum), a short-stemmed plant, and Nolina recurvata, the base of which is swollen and bottle-shaped, are the most common ornamentals. Red-leaved and broad-veined varieties of the tropical species Cordyline indivisa, C. australis, and C. terminalis are popular greenhouse and indoor pot plants. Other ornamentals of the family belong to the genera Dracaena and Sansevieria. tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) is cultivated for its volatile oil and has spikes of white flowers.

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