▪ Roman author and teacher
Latin in full  Claudius Aelianus  
born c. 170, Praeneste [now Palestrina, Italy]
died c. 235

      Roman author and teacher of rhetoric, who spoke and wrote so fluently in Greek—in which language his works were written—that he was nicknamed “Meliglōttos” (“Honey-tongued”).

      Aelian was an admirer and student of the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Isocrates, Plutarch, Homer, and others, and his own works preserve many excerpts from earlier writers. Aelian is chiefly remembered for his On the Nature of Animals, in 17 books, curious stories of birds and other animals, often in the form of anecdote, folklore, or fable that points a moral. This work set a pattern that continued in bestiaries and medical treatises through the Middle Ages. His Various History relates anecdotes of men and customs and miraculous events. Twenty brief “rustic epistles” have survived under his name. Fragments of other works (most of them quotations found in the 10th-century Byzantine Suda lexicon) survive.

Additional Reading
English translations appear in Diane Ostrom Johnson (trans.), Claudius Aelianus' Varia historia (1997); A.F. Scholfield (trans.), Aelian on the Characteristics of Animals, 3 vol. (1958–59, reissued 1971–72); Allen Rogers Benner and Francis H. Fobes (trans.), The Letters of Alciphron, Aelian, and Philostratus (1949, reissued 1990); and N.G. Wilson (ed. and trans.), Historical Miscellany (1997). The analysis in G.W. Bowersock, Greek Sophists in the Roman Empire (1969), remains useful.

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