accessory mineral

accessory mineral

      any mineral in an igneous rock not essential to the naming of the rock. When it is present in small amounts, as is common, it is called a minor accessory. If the amount is greater or is of special significance, the mineral is called a varietal, or characterizing, accessory and may give a varietal name to the rock (e.g., the mineral biotite in biotite granite). Accessory minerals characteristically are formed during the solidification of the rocks from the magma; in contrast are secondary minerals, which form at a later time through processes such as weathering by hydrothermal alteration. Common minor accessory minerals include topaz, zircon, corundum, fluorite, garnet, monazite, rutile, magnetite, ilmenite, allanite, and tourmaline. Typical varietal accessories include biotite, muscovite, amphibole, pyroxene, and olivine.

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